Tips on: How to get the most out of REF commission bonus in FOMO2MOON

How to make the most REF bonus in FOMO2MOON? How many REF levels in FOMO2MOON? How to create more REF in FOMO2MOON? What are the benefits of creating multiple REF?

REF, also known as Referral. This phrase is no stranger in the Crypto market, especially in the ICO field. In 2017, around the middle of the year (6/2017) onwards, it is the most flourishing period of Crypto industry, especially ICO. Bitcoin and ETH’s price boom helped many people get richer in one night.

And when ICO was booming, REF was one of the tools that spread projects to users in a fast way on the media, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter …

REF: The token issuer’s reward for a project referral to another person. REF creates a great incentive for those who are able to develop projects through the community in general. They introduced many people to the project, the more rewards they received. In ICO, the reward of REF is the project’s token, usually ICO projects only apply one-level REF mechanism. So are the trading exchanges.

1> What is the REF mechanism in FOMO2MOON? What is the REF reward?

On the FOMO2MOON platform, REF is not limited how many levels, up to F/N levels, and the maximum level of REF that you can get from your network is up to 10%.

A => F1.A => F2.A => F3.A =>F4.A =>F5.A => F6.A => F7.A => F8.A => F9.A => F10.A => F/N.A = 10%

F1 level, you will get 5% the total number of ETH that your F1 REF purchased the lottery tickets. From F2 onwards, you will get F1/2. Thus, what is the formula for calculating F10 to F/N level?

A => 5% F1.A / F2.A / F3.A / F4.A / F5.A / F6.A / F7.A / F8.A / F9.A / F10.A / F/N.A, Maximum REF = 10%

Taking F1/2 will produce % of F2 level. Continue to take F2/2 which will give % of F3 level. Taking F3/2 will result % of F4 level. Just calculate the formula like that for the next levels. The FOMO2MOON system will show all you can verify and based on it to know whether your network is strong or weak for long-term development.

According to the statistical algorithm, every player’s maximum REF commission will be 10%. Depending on the capacity, you will get a deserving award.

In order to claim the Referral Income, you have to purchase at least ONE Ticket and enjoy all the benefits as a Player. This is a fairly transparent mechanism applying for all of levels (F1 to F/N) to balance the income of members participating in product development!

2> REF is not limited how many levels, the maximum level of REF is up to 10%. Is the FOMO2MOON a multi-level marketing model in the Ponzi style???

Now, let’s find out What multi-level Marketing is? Multi-level Marketing model, also known as “Network Marketing”. This is a model of unpaid work, if you sold the item, you will get the commission on this item value. And you’ll get other income from the people you refer to doing the same job.

The person you referred has sold the item, you will enjoy the percentage on the item value. So, this person refers to others, the sales network will thrive, you are the leader – the developer of your team and you will enjoy the revenue of all the people in your network…

Here are examples of a well-known direct-sales company that uses multi-level marketing:

Amway Corporation of America; Herbalife Nutrition Group comes from Cayman Islands United Kingdom and Northern Ireland but its headquarters are in the US; Vorwerk Group of Germany … These are well-known MLM companies which have been very successful. That has proven to the world that MLM is one of the models that help businesses grow very well and sustainably!

Unfortunately, not every multilevel marketing opportunity is a legitimate business opportunity. Many pyramid schemes, frauds designed to part the unwary from their money, is disguised. Like multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes depend on recruiting people to become distributors of a product or service. Like MLM, the pyramid scheme offers the opportunity to make money by signing up more recruits and by accomplishing certain levels of achievement. Remember, MLM is not a pyramid scheme.

Back to FOMO2MOON, we can say that FOMO2MOON is working based on the MLM model to develop in the future. But remember, MLM is not a pyramid scheme or Ponzi. Ponzi and pyramid scheme are the real frauds, not MLM. MLM is legit, and FOMO2MOON is using MLM as its business model!

3> Is FOMO2MOON scam or fraud?

        FOMO2MOON is a lottery project which developed on blockchain platform, and it is represented with a smart contract. Everyone who knows about blockchain must be familiar with the smart contract and check its transparency!

As mentioned above, FOMO2MOON is a blockchain lottery platform. You can try your luck with only as little as 0.2 USD (0.002 ETH) to win up to 2000 ETH. Lucky or not, the outcome from this lottery event will be determined randomly by smart contract, no one can interfere or coordinate.

Besides that, FOMO2MOON does not require players to commit any upfront or how much the players can buy… The decision is yours to make!

With as little as 0.002 ETH per ticket, you can play the lottery, which insured by Ethereum smart contract, without any hesitation!

4> What can FOMO2MOON be benefited of?

FOMO2MOON will get a commission fee of 2% on every ticket sold to players (2% x 0.2 USD = 0.004 USD). The more players, the more profit FOMO2MOON can make. That’s it!! Everything is very transparency and distinctness!

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