Tips, how to win 2,000 ETH on FOMO2MOON, how to hack prizes on FOMO2MOON

How to win ETH on FOMO2MOON? How to hack 6,000 ETH on FOMO2MOON?

FOMO2MOON is one of the first lottery platforms in the world which operated on the blockchain with smart contract. The winners are selected by RANDOM mechanism based on Smart Contract algorithm which maximizes the trustworthiness. Let’s clear your mind by searching on google with keyword “What is FOMO2MOON?”.

Today, I will show you tips and how to make money (ETH) on the FOMO2MOON platform. There are many ways to make money on the FOMO2MOON. If you want to earn the most ETH, you have to determine who you are?

  • Fast buyer: (The buyer of the lottery in the shortest time)
  • Community Leader: community developer
  • Dividend: Token holders those who are divided the dividend.
  • Winner: Those who win the lottery prizes (Large, Medium, Small chests)
  • Result drawer: The first 8 players quickly press the explosive button.

We have the different ways to make money with each of these positions. Here is my detailed review for every way:

Fast Players – The buyers of lottery quickly in the shortest time (27%)

When a new round begins, the buyers who buy tickets very early can get more profit from late buyers. According to FOMO2MOON, the late buyers will share 27% of their ticket value (ETH) to the early buyers.

For example: In this round, there are 10.000 players buying lottery tickets, 1 ETH on 1 buyer, total prize value is 10.000 ETH. And I’m the first lucky buyer:

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7- 8 – 9 – 10 – – 100 – – 10.000 players

I (The first player) will get a portion of 27% of those who bought later, up to the 15000th player. If the minimum amount I get is 0.027% or 1/27%, I will be:

=> 0.027% x 15.000 ETH = > 4 ETH, this is total ETH that I got.

So what if I’m the 100th player? Then I will share 27% of the ticket value I bought for 99 players those who quickly bought before me. And I got 27% from the 101st to the 1,500th players.

=> 0.027% x 14990 ETH >= 4 ETH, this is total ETH that I got.

Note, this 27% figure is not only for you but for all previous buyers. Thus, at this 27% algorithm of FOMO2MOON, you buy lottery tickets at any round, you will also get a part of the system’s profit from other players they buy. The more you want to win, the earlier you have to buy. If you buy late, you are also divided, but the ETH number you get will be less.

However, according to the base that FOMO2MOON displays, those who buy lottery tickets late, they will get lottery tickets with a slightly higher percentage of winners than the first lottery tickets.

This is a good balance, stability and allocation mechanism of FOMO. Whether you are a buyer at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the round, you have a corresponding reward percentage. This feature is only available on the FOMO2MOON compared to other products on the Blockchain market.

Community Leader: 10%

Referral (REF) is considered a reward for community leader. On the FOMO2MOON platform, Ref is not limited how many levels, up to F/N levels, and the maximum level of REF that you can get from your network is up to 10%. Thus, the overall percentage of your network will be:

A => F1.A => F2.A => F3.A =>F4.A =>F5.A => F6.A => F7.A => F8.A => F/N.A = 10%

If you only develop the 3 levels FOMO2MOON participant network, what will the formula look like?

A => F1.A => F2.A => F3.A

A => F1.A = 5%

A => F1.A => F2.A = 2.5%

A => F1.A => F2.A => F3.A = 1.25%

F1 level, the referrer will receive a REF of 5%, and from F1 onwards, you will receive 50% for each level below.

According to the statistical algorithm, every player’s REF maximum will be 10%. Depending on the capacity, you will receive a deserving award.

Notice at every lottery, you must buy at least 1 lottery ticket (1 MOON) to receive the REF of the system below you.

This is a fairly transparent mechanism to balance the income of members participating in product development!

Dividend 10% (Dividend is divided among players to hold F2M token)

On the FOMO2MOON platform, in addition to prizes won when buy MOON, players can buy FOMO2MOON platform token to receive dividends. Token is F2M.

For example, every lottery 2 MOON, the total number of players buying MOON lottery collected 15,000 ETH, 10% of this round and the next round will be divided among those who hold dividends.

15.000 ETH x 10% = 1.500 ETH. 1.500 ETH is Dividend and it will be shared among those who own a token in percentage. And the percentage of it is constantly changing, why?

The common dividend (Dividend Pool) in FOMO2MOON is poured in from many sources:

10% is from the lottery tickets of the players

10% is from F2M token buyers to receive dividends

10% is from the award of large chests, medium chests, and small chests

Thus, the player owns F2M token of FOMO2MOON is a good and sustainable source of income based on the Dividend mechanism. This is one of the FOMO2MOON’s reasonable and smart money allocation algorithms compared to other products in the Blockchain market. The development of FOMO2MOO system will bring fairness for those who want to earn passive income.

Winner: The winner of the lottery prizes

Large chests  

For example, the large chest contains 10,000 ETH when it explodes, the prize will be divided as a chart:

2% x10.000 ETH is for Product Developer

10% x 10.000 ETH is divided among dividend owners in proportion (F2M)

60% x 10.000 ETH is divided equally for 3 lucky players, 1 player gets 2.000 ETH

27% x 10.000 ETH is transferred to be the next round prize

What are Medium Chest and Small Chest?

During the round, Medium Chests and Small Chests prizes are allocated. Conditions for winning prizes in these two chests are as follows:

If the player buys lottery tickets with more than 0.1 ETH for every time, the smart contract system in the FOMO2MOON will automatically activate on 2 chests to award. If you are a lucky player, you will win a medium prize or a small chests prize. However, you can win both of them if you are lucky more.

  • The chance to win the medium and small chests is 0.1% (1 in 1000).

When the medium and small chests prizes are activated, ETH total in Major Chest or Minor Chest is divided as follows:

According to this chart shows, the medium chest and small chest award mechanism are the same, so is the formula. For example, the medium chest has 2,400 ETH; the small chest has 800 ETH, so the total calculation will be:

2% x 3.200 ETH is for the Product developer

10% x 3.200 ETH is divided among dividend owners in proportion (F2M)

60% x 3.200 ETH is divided for the medium and small chest winners (1 medium chest, 1 small chest)

28% x 3.200 ETH transferred to be the next round prize

Result drawer (The first 8 players quickly press the button)

1% x 10.000 ETH is divided for the first 8 players quickly press the explosive button, in which the first one will get 30% x (1% x 10,000 ETH). The remaining 70% is divided equally for the next 7 players.

Should buy lots of lottery tickets MOON and F2M token?

Buying lottery tickets or not, this depends on your financial ability. On the FOMO2MOON, the product developer does not offer any conditions for the number of lottery tickets or tokens. Every round, you just buy one ticket to join the lucky lottery program and be enough conditions for getting your REF team commissions on the FOMO2MOON. It’s great in a Blockchain-based entertainment platform, everything maximizes the trustworthiness with smart contract algorithm.

How to hack prizes of 6.000 ETH on FOMO2MOON?

As analyzed above, the maximum prize is 2.000 ETH for one player in the Large Chest Prize. The winners are selected by a RANDOM mechanism and based on Smart Contract algorithm, so if you are really lucky, you can win 3 consecutive prizes, equivalent to 6,000 ETH. It’s very difficult to happen, but RANDOM is always possible.


There are many ways to make money with ETH on FOMO2MOON. The FOMO2MOON is perfectly designed, in the 5 positions you can earn ETH. The FOMO2MOON allocates the cash flow reasonably, which ensures the platform growth in the future. Depending on the number of tickets you invest as well as your feeling, you have different emotions, but when a round starts, sure that all of the players are very excited.

If you want to find the best way to get ETH on this platform, learn more about its product. For me, I want to win a lot of ETH on this platform, buy MOON lottery tickets quickly, and buy a few tokens to get more dividends. In addition, you can get the commissions with your REF team.

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