How to register in FOMO2MOON, install Metamask in FOMO2MOON

Install Metamask in FOMO2MOON? Account register in FOMO2MOON. How to buy tickets in FOMO2MOON?

FOMO2MOON is the best blockchain lottery platform yet at the moment. The algorithm of FOMO2MOON can help players make money using ETH. The amount you can make depends on your own luck and the referability.

1. How to purchase tickets MOON with F2M? Follow these steps:

   To be able to purchase FOMO2MOON lottery tickets, you are required to do the following steps:

   A. First, you need to obtain Ethereum through exchanges such as Gemini, Coinbas or Remitano…

   B. Install Metamask on Chrome

Once you received the statement to inform you have successfully purchased Ethereum on the exchanges, you need to install Matemask to be compatible with the exchange.

2. Make sure that you are using Chrome browser then open a new tab. Install Metamask on chrome to allow you to access Ethereum website like F2M.

A.  Create a Metamask account and save 12 seed codes

B.  Open Metamask app and click “…” then choose “Copy address to clipboard”.

C.  Back to the exchanges site like Coinbase or Gemini and look command “Send” or “Transfer” in your wallet.

D.   Transfer or send your desire ethereum amount into Metamask by type in the address in step 3.

E.  Wait until the Ethereum balance is available on your Metamask account.

F.  Once the Etherium is available on your Metamask account, move to next step

G.  Purchase tickets/tokens with Etherium

Go to FOMO2MOON website to purchase token to receive the dividend in the first rounds.

3> Install FOMO2MOON on a mobile device:

   You can also setup F2M on your mobile phone too! If you want to import your existing Metamask wallet into TrustWallet, then follow these steps:

A.   Install TrustWallet on iOS or Android

B.   Launch the TrustWallet app and select “Already Have a Wallet.”

C.  Select the “Mnemonic” tab (or use your “Private Key”)

D.  Enter the 12 seed words you’ve stored from Metamask (or your private key)

E.  Visit the F2M site from within TrustWallet. Bookmark the site on TrustWallet for easier access!

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