FOMO2MOON – Detailed Review FOMO2MOON – 100% transparent, anyone can make money when joining the game…

What is FOMO2MOON? How to buy lottery tickets of FOMO2MOON?? Does FOMO2MOON cheat? How to win FOMO2MOON? Tips to win lottery on FOMO2MOON? How to play FOMO2MOON? How to register FOMO2MOON? Is the FOMO2MOON transparent?… 1001 questions about the FOMO2MOON will be answered in this article.

What is FOMO2MOON?

Lottery is no longer a strange form for everyone in life. Lottery models that we often see today can be mentioned: Traditional Lottery, Computer Lottery (Computer generates results based on software), the most famous is Mega Millions with more than USD 1.6 billion in October…

However, every model has certain advantages and disadvantages because all prizes can be interfered, change the winning or losing rate … even the winner becomes a loser and vice versa. In the past, we all know the cases mentioned above.

Since Blockchain was born, with transparent properties and relying on the immutability of smart contracts on the ETH platform, many applications have been born, bringing into practice the life that makes those participating in the decentralized model always strong trust.

Developing with the innovation of modern technology, the current model of lottery also receives its own innovative invention. FOMO2MOON is one of the first lotteries which operated on the blockchain.

Based on the research, the algorithm of the FOMO2MOON is built on the Smart Contract of Ethereum (ETH) so it is very transparent in terms of the general structure. Anyone can’t interfere with the player’s winning result, even the creator of the FOMO2MOON game.

Winning results of FOMO2MOON players are shown through Smart Contract of ETH. And anyone can see, check (check code) immediately to see the transparency of the results. Accordingly, everyone can imagine what FOMO2MOON is and how transparent this game is.

How does FOMO2MOON work?

The starting price of a lottery ticket (1 MOON) of FOMO2MOON is 0.02 ETH, equivalent to 0.2 USD (4,600 VND).

When a player buys 1 MOON (1 lottery) = 0.002 ETH will flow into the system and it is allocated into the following bonus lines:

Detailed explanation of cash flow from one MOON lottery ticket with the chart above:

Development – Product Developer (2%):

For example, every FOMO2MOON lottery, the total number of players buying MOON lottery collected 15,000 ETH, the developer would get 2% on this number, equivalent to 300 ETH, about $ 30,000, for 1 ETH = 100 USD, when I am reviewing this product.

Dividend 10% (Dividend is divided among players to hold F2M token):

On the FOMO2MOON platform, in addition to prizes won when buy MOON, players can buy FOMO2MOON platform token to receive dividends. Token is F2M.

For example, every 2 MOON lottery, the total number of players buying MOON lottery collected 15,000 ETH, 10% of this round and the next round will be divided among those who hold dividends.

15.000 ETH x 10% = 1.500 ETH.

1.500 ETH is Dividend and it will be shared among those who own a token in percentage. The own percentage is constantly changing, why?

The common dividend (Dividend Pool) in FOMO2MOON is poured in from many sources:

10% is from the lottery tickets of the players

10% is from F2M token buyers to receive dividends

10% is from the award of large chests, medium chests, and small chests

Thus, the player owns F2M token of FOMO2MOON is a good and sustainable source of income based on Dividend mechanism. This is one of the FOMO2MOON’s reasonable and smart money allocation algorithms compared to other products in the Blockchain market. The development of FOMO2MOO system will bring fairness for those who want to earn passive income.

Referral (Community Leader) 10%

Referral (REF) is considered a reward for community leader. On the FOMO2MOON platform, Ref is not limited how many levels, up to F/N levels, and the maximum level of REF that you can get from your network is up to 10%. Thus, the overall percentage of your network will be:

A => F1.A => F2.A => F3.A =>F4.A =>F5.A => F6.A => F7.A => F8.A => F/N.A = 10%

If you only develop 3 levels FOMO2MOON participant network, what will the formula look like?

A => F1.A => F2.A => F3.A

A => F1.A = 5%

A => F1.A => F2.A = 2.5%

A => F1.A => F2.A => F3.A = 1.25%

F1 level, the referrer will get 5% REF commission, and from F1 onwards, you will get 50% for every level below.

According to the statistical algorithm, every player’s maximum REF commission will be 10%. Depending on the capacity, you will get a deserving award.

In order to claim the Referral Income, you have to purchase at least ONE Ticket and enjoy all the benefits as a Player.

This is a fairly transparent mechanism to balance the income of members participating in product development!

1% BUY Lottery Ticket: Transfer 1% ETH from buying lottery tickets (MOON) into dividends

This is one of the good features, “humanities” of the FOMO2MOON platform developers. Why I say so?

Suppose, in every lottery round, you buy only 1 lottery = 0.002 ETH and you buy in 1,000 rounds (total = 2 ETH), but you are not lucky, do not win any prize. In fact, you will have nothing. However, with the FOMO2MOON, they adopt a pretty good point mechanism, which is:

If you buy 1 lottery ticket (1 MOON), the system will automatically deduct 1% of the amount and transferred to the dividend for you. And that dividend belongs to you, after every lottery, you will also be received some dividends by ETH.

The formula will be: 1 MOON = 0.002 ETH x 1% = % Dividend. If you are unlucky, you are still the one to be rewarded from the community and the system.

Fast Players – Players buy lottery tickets quickly and early (27%)

When a new round starts, the buyers who buy tickets very early can get more profit from late buyers. According to FOMO2MOON, the late buyers will share 27% of their ticket value (ETH) to the early buyers.

For example: There are 10,000 participates buying lottery tickets in this round, everyone buys 1 ETH, the total prize value is 10,000 ETH. And I’m the first player to buy:

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7- 8 – 9 – 10 – – 100 – – 15.000 players

I (The first player) will get a portion of 27% of those who bought later, up to the 15000th player. If the minimum amount I get is 0.027% or 1/27%, I will be:

=> 0.027% x 15.000 ETH = > 4 ETH, this is total ETH that I got.

So what if I’m the 100th player? Then I will share 27% of the ticket value I bought for 99 players those who quickly bought before me. And I got 27% from the 101st to the 1,500th players.

=> 0.027% x 14990 ETH >= 4 ETH, this is total ETH that I got.

Note, this 27% figure is not only for you, but for all previous buyers. Thus, at this 27% algorithm of FOMO2MOON, you buy lottery tickets at any round, you will also get a part of the system’s profit from other players they buy. The more you want to win, the earlier you have to buy. If you buy late, you are also divided, but the ETH number you get will be less.

However, according to the base that FOMO2MOON displays, those who buy lottery tickets late, they will get lottery tickets with a slightly higher percentage of winners than the first lottery tickets.

This is a good balance, stability and allocation mechanism of FOMO. Whether you are a buyer at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the round, you have a corresponding reward percentage. This feature is only available on the FOMO2MOON compared to other products on the Blockchain market.

Chests – Award 3 Chests (50%)

Your chance to win many prizes when buying FOMO2MOON lottery tickets. As previously mentioned, the winners are selected by RANDOM mechanism based on Smart Contract algorithm. Nobody can interfere with the outcome of FOMO2MOON, even its own developers. Therefore, if you are most lucky, you can win 11 different prizes, nearly 1 million USD.

What is 50%? It means that when you buy 1 lottery ticket (1 MOON = 0.002 ETH), you have 0.001 ETH transferred as a prize for 3 chests, the formula is as follows:

What is the prize structure?

Large Chests:

At the end of the round, the smart contract system will offer 3 lucky winners automatically with large chests prizes based on Blockhash algorithm.

For example, the large chests contains 10,000 ETH when it explodes, the prize will be divided as a chart:

2% x10.000 ETH is for Product Developer

10% x 10.000 ETH is divided among dividend owners in proportion (F2M)

60% x 10.000 ETH is divided equally for 3 lucky players, 1 player gets 2.000 ETH

27% x 10.000 ETH is transferred to be the next round prize

The ultimate prize: Result drawer (The first 8 players quickly press the button)

1% x 10.000 ETH is divided for the first 8 players quickly press the explosive button, in which the first one will get 30% x (1% x 10,000 ETH). The remaining 70% is divided equally for the next 7 players.

What are Medium Chests and Small Chests?

During the round, Medium Chest and Small Chest prizes are allocated. Conditions for winning prizes in these two chests are as follows:

If the player buys lottery tickets with more than 0.1 ETH for every time, the smart contract system in the FOMO2MOON will automatically activate on 2 chests to award. If you are a lucky player, you will win a medium or small chests prize. However, you can win both of them if you are lucky more.

The chance to win the medium and small chests is 0.1% (1 in 1000).

When the medium and small chests prizes are activated, ETH total in Major Chest or Minor Chest is divided as follows:

According to this chart shows, the medium chests and small chests award mechanism are the same, so is the formula. For example, the medium chests has 2,400 ETH; the small chests has 800 ETH, so the total calculation will be:

2% x 3.200 ETH is for Product developer

10% x 3.200 ETH is divided among dividend owners in proportion (F2M)

60% x 3.200 ETH is divided for the medium and small chests winners (1 medium chests, 1 small chests)

28% x 3.200 ETH transferred to be the next round prize

How to own FOMO2MOON’s F2M token to receive dividends

First, you need to obtain etherium to be able to use FOMO2MOOM because it is a ethereum based platform. The system will not accept any other cryptocurrencies even BTC (bitcoin).

What to buy FOMO2MOON’s F2M token for? With this lottery model, you can make passive money from dividends.

In every round, 10% of the system’s ETH will be taken out to all token holders of the FOMO2MOON.

For example, round 1, all prizes on the system only have 10,000 ETH, the FOMO2MOON will extract 10% of the total ETH, is 1,000 ETH, for those who quickly own the F2M token. The percentage will change due to more and more token holders. However, in the first rounds, when there are fewer buyers and you buy more then you will be divided more percent.

How to exchange ETH for F2M token on FOMO2MOON as follows:

For example, if 1 F2M token is equal to 0.002 ETH and you buy 1 F2M token with 0.002 ETH, your ETH will be allocated to the system as follows:

2% x0.002 ETH is for System Developers.

10% x0.002 ETH is transferred into Pool Dividend (Common Dividend for the token holders)

10% x0.002 ETH is for Community Leader.

78% x 0.002 ETH is transferred to Smart Contract – Blockchain Wallet based on decentralized platform.

What are the price increase and anti-discount mechanism of F2M token on FOMO2MOON?

As analyzed above, those who buy F2M token quickly they will get the ETH immediately from dividends collected from many sources: Lottery tickets, chests prizes…

The total token supply of FOMO2MOON is equal to 8,000,000 F2M. You will receive dividends based on the following formula:

A = Dividends you received (ETH)

B = Total ETH in Pool Dividend system  

C = The number of token you own

D = The number of token is circulating outside

F2M token is more and more high-priced?

According to the law of Supply and Demand, the total supply is only 8,000,000 F2M and there are many players buy tokens to receive dividends, so F2M token is more and more high-priced.

Should I buy F2M token?

The number of ETH in the player’s Blockchain wallet is never lost as analyzed above. You can buy the token and then sell the token to get back the ETH immediately, after 30 days or for 1 year later. No one can take away the number of your ETH, unless you hold F2M token…

In addition, the system has to deduct 1% the number of ETH to buy a token for those who buy the lottery tickets. Therefore, the number of tokens in the wallet will be reduced until there are no tokens left in the wallet. All are circulated on the market.

When all tokens are circulated on the market, the dividends are no longer available for buying. As mentioned above, more and more new players buy lottery tickets and 1% the value of its deducted by the system to buy token, transferred to the common Pool Dividend. The players hold the dividends being received according to the rate, those who own more and more tokens will get more %.

What guarantees the value of F2M token?

The FOMO2MOON also has a very unique feature, for those who buy lottery tickets with small ETH quantities, 1% of it is not enough to buy a F2M token. Then, all of 1% the number of ETH will be transferred directly to the Blockchain wallet. The more players who buy with small quantities, the number of ETH will transfer to wallet more.

The number of ETH is more, the liquidity of F2M token is more guaranteed. Evidence that FOMO 3D lottery game is considered “dead” currently but more than 30,000 ETH in the wallet and those who own token of FOMO 3D still hold without transferring to ETH.

FOMO2MOON has developed an algorithm for allocating ETH for very optimal and superior items in all aspects compared to FOMO 3D. Therefore, we can be confident to buy the tokens as well as entertainment on this platform …

The Blockchain wallet which contains 78% ETH of players who purchase F2M token. How is this blockchain wallet functioning?

This is the Blockchain wallet, and it functions as a decentralized system. It is impossible for anyone who wants to intervene with the amount of ETH which contained in this wallet, even the FOMO2MOON’s developers. This wallet stores all the ETH which used to purchase F2M token from players in the system.

How can players in FOMO2MOON exchange their F2M token to ETH?

As FOMO2MO is functioning as a blockchain based system, which is decentralized, so everyone who owns F2M token can withdraw ETH by transferring their F2M token back to the system wallet. The value of F2M token will be determined based on the market value. Like the variety of all the previous blockchain lottery models similar to FOMO2MOON, its token’s value can be increased over time.

You can understand more about this function by taking a look at some of the similar blockchain lottery systems like Fomo3D. It’s a Mega-Millions on Blockchain, and a massive success in 2018, with its smart contracts handling over 500,000 ETH! Unfortunately, Fomo3D is practically dead, following a series of shortcomings.

And one of the most critical concerns from everyone, Can the FOMO2MOON’s developers dump all the token into the system wallet to withdraw all the ETH from players?

I believe this the most critical concerns from everyone. Again, I want to make a clear statement about these concerns; it is IMPOSSIBLE to do so! Because all the token which distributed is based on smart contract algorithm. It is the system which functions as it is coded; accordingly, nothing can be changed afterward…

To obtain F2M token, even developers of FOMO2MOON themselves, you need to make a purchase by deposit ETH into the system wallet to get the token accordance with a fixed rate, and vice versa.

To conclude, no one can hack or usurp the ETH and F2M token from the system. This is an advantageous and secure feature on a decentralized blockchain based system.

It’s constant and transparent!!!

Can you withdraw ETH right after purchased F2M token?

The answer is yes but you will need to pay a penalty of 25% according to the “dumping protection” feature of the system. However, the penalty fee is not applicable after 30 days from the days you had purchased the token. Everything is coded and function accordingly. I did research carefully on the FOMO2MOON platform so that you can be rest assured!

Is FOMO2MOON trustworthy?

FOMO2MOON (F2M) is a very secure and transparent system because it is running on Ethereum smart contract and DApp algorithm. Needless to say, the smart contract is an excellent invention of humankind when talking about blockchain technology. Therefore, F2M will function with transparency and legitimate as does, the smart contract.

And although it may seem inevitable, if there is no player, there is no reward or liquidity. However, FOMO2MOON, as I can say, is the best blockchain lottery model in the world at the moment. Therefore, it can and will attract many new and loyal players. Remember, this is not just chances, but guaranteed income!

How to purchase tickets MOON with F2M?

To be able to purchase FOMO2MOON lottery tickets, you are required to do the following steps:

  • First, you need to obtain Ethereum through exchanges such as Gemini, Coinbase or Remitano…
  • Install Metamask on Chrome

Once you received the statement to inform you have successfully purchased Ethereum on the exchanges, you need to install Matemask to be compatible with the exchange:

  • Make sure that you are using Chrome browser then open a new tab. Install Metamask on chrome to allow you to access Ethereum website like F2M.
  • Open Metamask app and click “…” then choose “Copy address to clipboard”.
  • Back to the exchanges site like Coinbase or Gemini and look command “Send” or “Transfer” in your wallet.
  • Transfer or send your desire ethereum amount into Metamask by type in the address in step 3.
  • Wait until the Ethereum balance is available on your Metamask account. Once the Ethereum balance is available on your Metamask account, move to the next step:
  • Go to FOMO2MOON website to purchase token to receive the dividend in the first rounds.

Install FOMO2MOON on a mobile device:

You can also setup F2M on your mobile phone too! If you want to import your existing Metamask wallet into TrustWallet, then follow these steps:

  • Install TrustWallet on iOS or Android
  • Launch the TrustWallet app and select “Already Have a Wallet.”
  • Select the “Mnemonic” tab (or use your “Private Key”)
  • Enter the 12 seed words you’ve stored from Metamask (or your private key)
  • Visit the F2M site from within TrustWallet.
  • Bookmark the site on TrustWallet for easier access!

As a player, community builder, what can you get from F2M?

In FOMO2MOON, every player who purchased tickets can make a profit, no matter how much did you buy (minimum of 0.002 ETH), and this profit can be considered as an extra steady income.

Players who purchase MOON tickets with the hope for luck

F2M distributes almost ALL incoming ETH back at lucky players. There are so many ways for you to earn ETH:

Buy Tickets to win the Grand Prizes, up to 6,000 ETH in total per round;

Buy Tickets to win the Side Prizes, up to 3,000 ETH in total per round;

Buy Tickets early to earn guaranteed Early Income, up to 300% return per round;

Buy Tokens to earn passive Dividend Income, always 10% of all Ticket/Token purchase and won Prizes, forever; guaranteed 100% return and profit after 30 days;

Refer and help your friends play to earn Referral Income, up to 15% of your team’s Ticket/Token purchase.

Go to F2M site the moment when a round ends and click the button “Draw Results” or “Claim Bounty” to win big Bounty, up to 100 ETH in total per round.

F2M token holders:

10% ETH from the following sources would contribute to the Dividend Income Pool:

  • Ticket purchase
  • Token purchase
  • Won Grand Prizes
  • Won Side Prizes

F2M Token Holders would receive an amount of ETH from the Dividend Income Pool proportionate to the ratio of your held F2M Tokens to the Number of Circulating F2M Tokens.

For example, there are 1000 Circulating Tokens, of which you are holding 10 Tokens. When 1000 ETH is distributed to the Dividend Income Pool, you will receive 1000 ETH times 10 Tokens divided by 1000 Tokens equal 10 ETH.

Buy Token early for maximum return because of Token price increases extremely fast according to the Dividend-generating rate of an F2M Token!

The token is priced so that you earn back 100% your investment in Token purchases after 30 days in most cases. For example, when 1 Token earns 1 ETH for every Token Holder, the Token Buy Price would be approximately 30 ETH per Token. Therefore, about 30 days after purchasing 1 Token, you would earn back 30 ETH and start to make profit.

INFLUENCERS or community builders:

Refer and help your friends play to win Referral Income, collectively up to 15% of your team’s Ticket/Token purchase.

Earn commission from ENDLESS levels of followers, FOREVER! Help your friends learn to play, and earn collectively 15% from their Ticket/Token purchases from your whole team on infinite levels! You receive 7.5% ETH of Ticket/Token buys from level 1 followers, 3.75% from level 2, and so on.

In order to claim the Referral Income, you have to purchase at least ONE Ticket and enjoy all the benefits as a Player.

Overall about FOMO2MOON:

As I did go through with you the overview, tokenomics, secure and the transparency as well as some ways to make profit in FOMO2MOON. I do highly recommend this project, and these are my favourite main advantages of this project:

  • Allow users to try out the product with only 0.002 USD and if you are lucky, the reward is up to 2,000 ETH.
  • The system is based on smart contract algorithm, secure and transparent.
  • Clear and understandable tokenomics, prize chart and reward distribution, are attractive enough to promise steady future loyal users.
  • The FOMO2MOON receive only 2% of the total profit to maintain and run the system, and it’s very acceptable. Provable, FOMO2MOON is a real project, not just created to scam users. Good project!!

This is the best blockchain lottery project I ever have seen yet in the past 12 months. And I hope that I can be the first 100 players who purchase tickets in FOMO2MOON. How about you?

And remember, these are just my personal opinion about the project and it can be objective. Please do your own personal research before making any investment decisions. Good luck!

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