Buying FOMO2MOON lottery tickets quickly to get back 300% of ETH invested???

When a round starts, if you buy lottery tickets quickly, you can get 300% of ETH invested. This is a great algorithm of FOMO2MOON, that attracts lottery game players.

27% and 28% of ETH of the Grand, Major and Minor Chests in the previous round will automatically exchange to prizes ­for the new round.

1. Example:

The total number of ETH in the previous round that purchased the Lottery ticket is 20.000 ETH, so 50% of the ETH total is 10.000 ETH converted into the prize of 3 chests according the schema: Grand (68%), Major (24%), Minor (8%)

1,1> Grand Chest

1,2> Major and Minor Chests

Corresponding to the Grand Chest in the previous round, there will be a prize of 6,800 ETH, the system will get 27% of 6,800 ETH transferred to prize for the next round, it means:

  • Grand Chest will be 27% of 6.800 ETH, i.e., 1.836 ETH.
  • Major Chest will be 28% of 2.400 ETH, i.e.,672 ETH
  • Minor Chest will be 28% of 800 ETH, i.e., 224 ETH


During the round, Major Chest and Minor Chest prizes are allocated. Conditions for winning prizes in these two chests are as follows:

If the player buys lottery tickets with more than 0.1 ETH for every time, the smart contract system in the FOMO2MOON
will automatically activate on 2 chests to award. If you are a lucky player,
you will win a major chest or minor chest prizes. However, you can win both of them if you are lucky more.

2.  The chance to win the major and minor chests is 0.1% (1 in 1000).

When a new round starts and the player has not purchased MOON lottery tickets, there are still a large number of ETH in the 3 chests as mentioned above, available to attract players.

If there are fewer players in that round, you will have a higher rate of winning prizes. If no one wins, the total prize value will be transferred to the next round.

3. Buying FOMO2MOON lottery tickets quickly to get back 300% of ETH invested.

The FOMO2MOON has a very good algorithm to stimulate the new player ecosystem development by the following method:

The players those who quickly buy lottery tickets very early will get 27% of ETH that the system automatically deducted from late buyers.

Each player will get the amount of ETH that calculated according to the following formula: The Early Multiplication Coefficient multiply the ratio of the number of tickets purchased on the total number of tickets.

Theoretically, you will receive the total ETH calculated as follows: the number of ETH used to purchase lottery tickets multiplied by 27%, then multiply your Early Multiplication Coefficient.

3,1 Illustrated Example:

If you have purchased lottery tickets with 10 ETH and the Early Multiplication Coefficient is 11, you will get 10×27%x11 = ~~ 30 ETH, equivalent to 300% of the total ETH invested.

When a new round starts, the Early Multiplication Coefficient is 11, then descending over time following the formula:

n = The number of tickets in current

The Early Multiplication Coefficient = 1 + 10/(1 + 26 x (n/1,580,000)^6)

4. How to select the winner who quickly buys lottery tickets in order to get 300% of ETH invested?

If there are 10.000 players participated in this round, you must be in the first 1,000 buyers who quickly buy lottery tickets, then you will be able to get back 300% of the total ETH invested in buying lottery tickets.  

If you do not trust this article content, use 0.002 ETH equivalent to 0.2 USD to buy 1 lottery ticket on the FOMO2MOON. Believe that, when you are in the first 1,000 buyers of the round, you will get back 0.006 ETH at the end of the lottery, which is more than 3 times the amount of ETH you invested.

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